January 2017

Please Sir by Helen Sherwin

Calm down little man,
Take a breath and sit down.
You have nothing to prove here,
Take your time –
For nothing breaks a person like rushing.

So much pushing,
Too much power.
Can’t you see the need to slow down a minute,
and just think?

These are real people,
Humans too.
Daughters, sons,
Old and young,
Everyone needs a home,
And you are closing the door on their whole world.

Without so much as a conversation,
a compromise,
a period of planning,
You are determined to throw people under the bus,
Water-boarding their sense of value,
And curtailing their freedom.

So, Please Sir –
Don’t be so arrogant as to wait for us to smile at you,
As you bark orders whilst smoothing your hair,
And willing us to massage your ego.
Because we won’t.
We can’t –
Until you respect our brothers.Read More →

The Meaning of Grace by Helen Sherwin

Do you know the meaning of grace?
To be loved beyond words and without a trace –
of guilt, or shame or earning
But instead, your yearning
is met in complete forgiveness
at The Cross.

Oh, for the lost –
Yes, you can be found
Let this news get around:
The sheep has a shepherd;
the guitar has a player
He knows the chords of your soul,
The perfect song which wins your whole
Being.Read More →

The Act of Naming by Helen Sherwin

When you name something you give it life.

Through the act of naming the unknown is named and it becomes known, or at least knowable. And so you are careful to name well.

A name both reflects and creates character. You name only in sync with good characteristics, and avoid all negative associations. If you named a child, they  couldn’t be called Nick because he was the naughty boy when you were in school. Your child will not be naughty.

You want to name uniquely, as your child is the most important being to you. They are your star, your precious one and you name accordingly. When they are born, you teach others to call them by that name, and you teach the child who they are. The child grows up with it and into it, and the name shows them that they are cared for and have purpose.

When you name a business you bring it into existence. You can’t file any paperwork without a name. When you name it, it becomes, or at least has the potential to become – something of value. And so you name it carefully. It is both a reflection of the namer and a down-payment of its potential. You scour the internet for signs and traces of your name, in case it’s been done before. When not found, your name is unique. You grab it by the horns and you jump up and down.


Named, alive, and full of potential. Now the journey can begin….Read More →

Identify Me by Helen Sherwin

The keys tap (as the sleeper stirs)
Hastily splurging thoughts into words
Defacing the whiteness
Stealing the purity from the blank page
And identifying me

It’s a revealing of the secret kept
The needs of the writer met
As the heart is unravelling
The truth becomes concrete
And relief comes quickly

But just as fast a fear brews
Panic grasps at the air tube
The sleeper is no longer sleeping
Everything is awakening
And a choice dawns

A desire to hide from the second soul
Covering up the almost told
Snatching it from its birth
The efforts fade unborn
And identify me.Read More →

The Haze by Helen Sherwin

It was a memory, an almost forgotten memory, that I wanted to share with you.

The problem with sharing memories is that often they are in a state of haze in your mind.  And, on recalling them you have to order them and tie down the story. Creating order out of loose thoughts; pinning down truth.

Healthy you might think, but there is a sense of loss in doing that. What if you haven’t remembered correctly? Once committed it’s near impossible to go back.

Although the haze was just a haze perhaps that was closer to the truth than a strung-together-memory, in which you might of fabricated some detail to make it “work”. So, it sounds good. So it makes sense.

But alas it shall have to be told, and words committed for how else should we save it from being lost? How else should anybody read it? For one cannot read a haze after all.

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