What is The Rough Writer’s Collection? Well it’s pretty much exactly what it says on the tin. Simply put this is a collection of written pieces which are undoubtedly somewhat rough around the edges (and in the middle).

My first few pieces have a theme of overcoming fears, and that’s the point really. It is easy to get caught in the trap of never completing, publishing or showing your work because you are afraid it isn’t ready, or doesn’t meet a good enough standard or simply doesn’t serve a purpose. So, by calling it out as rough from the beginning I am declaring that it doesn’t need to be perfect, or even ready, and it certainly doesn’t have to be life-changing stuff.

I was never much a fan of English Literature classes in High School. We were made to read line by line through works of literature trying to interpret what the author could possibly have meant by each phrase. Was he referring to the death of his commanding officer? or was it is his beloved pet dog? So, below each passage I’ve included the inspiration for the writing in a hope that it may illuminate it for you. However, if you sense some deeper and more profound understanding on reading, then please do go with that!

Despite its roughness, I hope you will enjoy perusing all the same, and that somehow the Rough Writer’s Collection might inspire you to step out in areas you would find much easier to keep hidden away.

The title makes it somewhat ambiguous as to whether it is the writer’s Collection which is rough or whether it’s the Writer. I like that about it, because to be honest, it is probably both.

Helen Sherwin – Author of The Rough Writer’s Collection

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