Dream On Dear One by Helen Sherwin

Dream on dear brother,
Hold your wishes before the Lord,
Where we failed to listen and act,
Go to the one who made it all,
Ask him what, why, how and when,
Then reply simply with a nod,
For today you are standing,
In the presence of your God.

Dream on dear father,
For in His kingdom dreams come true,
Enjoy the perfect family,
A ready-made community for you,
Laugh that cheerful laugh,
A joy no longer flawed,
For today you are standing,
In the presence of your Lord.

Dream on dear friend,
Lay peacefully and rest,
Your suffering is over,
Your strong faith won the test,
We thank God that we knew you,
But if we could be so bold –
Oh we wish you could stay longer,
With that ever generous soul.

Dream on dear son,
Let our sadness turn to joy,
Because you’ve taken on eternity,
I’m proud of you, my boy,
And though I ache to see you,
I’m reminded by the Psalms,
That at this moment you are resting,
In your true father’s arms.

Dream on dear husband,
Be yourself before the Lord,
Though here I’ll always miss you,
I know we’ll meet once more,
A brother, father, son and friend,
There’s so much that you bring,
But today we know you’re feasting,
At the banquet of your King.

Written for my father-in-law, a man of great dreams and steadfast faith who sadly passed from this world to the next. We’ll miss you incredibly.

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