I See Beauty by Helen Sherwin

Look in the mirror,
What do you see?
Imperfection before perfection,
The wounds from the battle field
marking your face,
The haggard life
of a once beautiful wife,
Fading years,
Tear after tear stained eyes,
Lines –
where they shouldn’t be,
for someone so young.

Look in the mirror,
This is what I see:
The face of the courageous
brave beyond belief,
Dark hair framing perfectly proportioned
eyes –
damp but sparkling in the light,
Kind dimples hinting at a smile since gone,
The sweetest cheeks they rest upon,
Soft lips that speak a thousand words of love
which batter down the darkest doors,
I see beauty.

When God looks at us he doesn’t see our imperfections but with the heart of a perfect Father he sees our beauty. Sometimes we need to call out the beauty in other people because they are so bogged down in insecurity that all they can see is their faults. We need a perspective shift to see the beauty of a brave heart as more valuable than that of a flawless face. Our life will forever be richer if we choose to see that beauty.

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