to be loved
I want to be loved.
Here, now and always,
to be treasured, and held,
to be valued, and seen,
forever in the perfect light.
Not judged by my worst day,
or even my best.
Loved because I am.
No longer marked by what I do,
or didn’t do.
Instead given grace again,
and then again, and again,
because I am yours,
because I am worthy of love.
I want to be loved,
simply because
I am human.

One of the most natural desires of the human heart is to be known and loved. Much of the love we find in the world is conditional, perhaps not always intentionally so but our human nature whilst giving us the desire to love, also comes with the ability to restrain that love. We put boundaries around it and requirements upon it. The love of God is given fully and freely to us, simply because we are. That is the kind of love I want.


  1. Helen, once again a really beautiful poem that says so much so simply.
    Thank you for sharing XX

  2. Simply beautiful! Thank you.

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