Life Got Harder by Helen Sherwin
Life got harder when you left it.
It’s not that I didn’t appreciate you whilst you were here:
I did.
It’s just that I appreciated you by your presence;
I enjoyed your company, your quirks, your goodness.
But now I’m appreciating you by your absence.
Realising all that’s missing,
How life got harder when you left it,
Each day like wading knee-deep in mud.

If I’m not careful this is going to turn into an Emo blog. I’ll have to think about something happy to write about soon. I’ve been reflecting on grief and how it permeates every area of your life, making the every day things more challenging. I was going to continue writing more but when I got to the word mud I thought, yeah that about sums it up, ‘mud’. Why say more than you have to?


  1. Spoken as one who knows – do not make apologies for your grief. Walk with it. Share it. And yes each day is like wading through mud. It sort of gets easier – either you get use to it or you’re the mud is just under your feet not up to your knees.

    And yes life gets harder when they’ve left. And don’t let anyone try and give you the “but they’re with Jesus” stuff and not expect you to not rejoice.

    Love and hugs and keep writing XX

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