The Meaning of Grace by Helen Sherwin

Do you know the meaning of grace?
To be loved beyond words and without a trace –
of guilt, or shame or earning
But instead, your yearning
is met in complete forgiveness
at The Cross.

Oh, for the lost –
Yes, you can be found
Let this news get around:
The sheep has a shepherd;
the guitar has a player
He knows the chords of your soul,
The perfect song which wins your whole

Yes, retreat dear friend for you are in danger
In danger of becoming acquainted with your Saviour
Your world, upside down,
a life turned around
Reoriented towards the Son,
like a flower drinking in that life giving energy
and blossoming
A more beautiful you,
like Cinderella made new,
you’re shining
Watched over by God above
and marked with a royal seal of love.

You’re free now my child,
free to run wild,
into the arms of your Father
The trustworthy guardian of your heart
who knows your future and says of it:
“It is Good”
He made it and it is good.

“The Meaning of Grace” was inspired by a mission to the University of Glasgow I was apart of in February 2016. However it wasn’t finished until January 2017. ¬†My heart wanted to convey the beauty of the gospel to these students who went about their day to day lives not really bothered about anything outside their small bubble. The love and transforming¬†power of God was theirs for the taking, no strings attached (by grace). If only they would take it.

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